Bloodstains and Scars (Album)

Well, I want to personally say that I’m extremely sorry if this blog is shit at the moment. I’m not much of a writer, and this blog was intended for art and nothing else. But I understand that I won’t be able to grow much of an audience just by posting a picture every day. So, I guess this is post number one. I am currently working on an album, and for those of you who don’t know (everyone) I’ve actually dabbled in music before. I made an EP called Internet Mentality, and it was made by recreating songs and mixing them all together (Different from a mashup. I literally listened to a song and recreated the song in Ableton Live, and then added in aspects from other songs) and it was an okay project I guess. The genre was Electronic/Dubstep since I can’t sing, and I didn’t know how to record using instruments at the time. Now I’m working on another music project, called Bloodstains and Scars. The album art is featured below.Bloodstains And Scars Album CoverFor the album art I took inspiration from some of Gerard Way’s artwork, specifically the artwork featured on Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance. I’ve got rough drafts of lyrics for almost half of the songs, and I’ve also got all the song names. I’ll release some through YouTube but the whole entire album will be released through Google Play so I can (hopefully) gain some money from this. Now, I’m not creating it for money, but putting time into this project and paying for the copyright and such makes me feel like putting a price on music is justified. Here’s the track list at the moment:

Bloodstains and Scars Back CoverSome of the songs may be cut from the album in the end, specifically No Mercy, Only Violence since it is a cover. I’ll need to get permission from The Library to do a cover, and if permission is granted, it will be a cover of Skrillex’s remix of the song, but with the original lyrics. I also need permission from the Vitamin String Quartet for Mercy’s Desperate Piercing. The album doesn’t have a release date yet, nor does it have a target release date since it is still in VERY early development.

Well, I guess I finish off the post now? Again, still new to this whole entire blogging thing. Thanks for reading. Hopefully the next post will be better.

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