Living, Not Alive (Album)

So, a little while back, I made a post about an album. This is that album. The name has gone through 2 changes, the original name (Bloodstains And Scars) felt too cliche. The second name (Teenage Murder) didn’t settle well with people I know. This is the last change (at least for the name) and I feel comfortable with the name Living, Not Alive. I have made progress on the lyrics to songs, and I’ve got several tunes I came up with. This is the cover art with the new not aliveThe back cover art is also done. I’ve scrapped several songs, and there are several songs that are still on the chopping block. Here is the back cover not alive back.pngI’m going to go ahead and say which songs are and aren’t subject to change:
Songs Subject To Change:
– Lost
– Death Flower
– Mercy’s Desperate Piercing (Depends on what I hear from the Vitamin String Quartet)
– Let’s End This With Cocaine (Love the title but can’t get the lyrics to work)
– Prison
– Girls/Guns/LSD

Official Confirmed Songs (PROBABLY Won’t Change)
– New Place
– Drowning
– Soliloquy
– Ghost Love
– Half-Assed Genocide (This one is gonna sound awesome)
– Nothing

Some songs won’t have lyrics, those songs are Death Flower and Nothing

I’m making art for each song, the following images are what you will see when I post the music on YouTube or something. I want it to be a key part of the album.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, thank you for reading friends. I’m actually making progress on music and it’s kinda exhilarating. See ya.

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