Well, now that you’ve seen my art. You’re on this page. You either clicked here out of curiosity, clicked on accident, or you want me to draw you something. Well, never fear, unless you’re completely broke, since I’ll draw you anything, for a price… Don’t worry it’s not expensive (Except the big big ones). Sorry about the lack of physical drawings on the slideshow at the moment. I’ll update that when I get the chance.


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Pencil Drawing (9×12″) – $10 Up front. $10 Per Hour. Most realistic drawings take 3-4 hours. (Price May Change Depending on Materials)


Pencil Drawing (27×34″) – $10 up front. $10 Per Hour. Most large pencil drawings take about 6-8 hours give or take. (Price May Change Depending on Materials)

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Digital Drawing (Custom Dimensions) – $10 up front. $10 Per Hour. Digital Drawings take about 5-7 hours. The time varies depending on the size of the drawing. (Price May Change Depending on Time)

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Logo and/or Banner (Via SpartanVentures) – $12-$18 (Company Prices)
*Contact SpartanVentures for more information at venturesspartan@gmail.com*

Any and all work will be signed by me. Any and all work will be watermarked until your transaction goes through. I am honest about the time I put into the drawing(s).

You will have to cover shipping and handling based on your location.

Email: zaccartwork@gmail.com